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M I L E S  T O N E   C A R D S |

Inspired by the early birds, the ones who just couldn't wait, the ones who fight day and night and don't give up, the ones who themselves inspire the rest of us to take a step back and realise what's truly important.

Celebrate every small victory and milestone reached while in NICU with your Miracle Baby

If you would like these personalised with the Baby's Name - Include this in the notes below.
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Set includes:

Welcome To The World
My First Cuddle With Mum / Mom
My First Cuddle With Dad
My First Cuddle With Nanny/Grandad
I Have Doubled My Birth Weight
Today I Came Off CPAP
Today I moved into a cot / open crib
Today I wore real clothes for the first time
Today I breastfed for the first time
Today I drank my first bottle
Today I had my feeding tube removed
Today I no longer need help breathing
Today I had my first bath
Today I had my monitors turned off
Today I graduated into the nursery
40 weeks corrected - Full term
I'm going home today
Today I am 1 day, 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 4 weeks, 5 weeks, 6 weeks, 7 weeks, 8 weeks, 9 weeks
Last Blood Sugars
Cannula Removed
Medium Dependency / Nursery
Lots Of Visitors Today
Kangaroo Care
First Sleepover With Mama


On the back of each milestone there is space to jot down some notes and memories so you don't forget a thing, aswell as a birth announcement card.

S I Z I N G 
Each card is 4x6"

We recommend using a permanent pen to write on the cards to avoid any smudging.

We are working also on getting sets of these cards into Neonatal Units in hospitals around England/UK for new parents of miracle bubs to use during their stay. When you purchase a set of these cards, please nominate your local hospital for us to donate a free set to. Your help and support on this project is greatly appreciated and will bring smiles to many new families faces.

NICU / PREEMIE Milestone Cards